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Every single steak, chop, sausage, and cut of meat that passes through The Prized Pig can be traced directly back to the farm where it was reared. Going one further, every single one of these local farms is within a 15-mile radius of The Prized Pig’s base in Abermule.

Sourcing all of our produce from within this distance helps to support local farmers, is eco-friendly by minimising the food miles from farm to fork, and most importantly, allows us to ensure that we only process high-welfare happily reared meat – the best tasting kind!

So without further ado, here are a selection of local farms that help us bring you the highest-quality meat to your table!

Meet The Farmers


Micheal Humphreys

Llwynmadoc Farm

A part of The Prized Pig’s family (quite literally), Llwynmadoc has been farmed by Bec’s family, the Humphreys’, for over 100 years. Just 1 mile away from our base and covered in beautiful green grass, Michael (Bec’s brother) rears high-welfare lambs and pigs for The Prized Pig.

The Prized Pig

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Every Thursday we attend Montgomery Market. Come and visit us, our stall is located inside Montgomery Town Hall.