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A part of The Prized Pig’s family (quite literally) can be found at Llwynmadoc Farm. Bec’s family, the Humphreys’, have farmed the land there for over 100 years. Just 1 mile away from our base in Abermule and covered in beautiful green grass, Michael (Bec’s brother) rears high-welfare lambs and pigs for The Prized Pig.

Michael has shown a great degree of innovation since stepping up on the farm, something which is important in the industry. Honouring the history of the farm and his family before him, while continuing to grow and change where necessary is vital. Knowledge of the land allows Michael to ensure that every detail is the best it can be. From monitoring the PH of the soil to the selection of top-quality stock, Michael is very attentive and conscientious. We know without a doubt that the job he does is second to none.

High Welfare Lambs

Llwynmadoc Farm in Abermule Mid Wales on a sunny day rearing high-welfare sheep and lambs.

Michael uses a rotational grazing system to grow his lambs, which can help to improve soil health and reduces the need for artificial fertiliser. Grazing management can see a 15% increase in grass growth on average and ensures that the grass is highly nutritional. He also uses electric fences to subdivide each field into a number of smaller paddocks, this enables him to closely manage both the stock and the grass regrowth.

When the lambs near the point of finishing, Michael switches to paddock grazing, whereby the lambs have unrestricted, uninterrupted access to a specific area of land. This encourages the lambs to focus on eating the “cream of the crop”. A system like this allows the lambs to get plenty of the best quality grass all grazing season, resulting in high-quality meat packed with nutrients.

High Welfare Pigs

Llwynmadoc farm’s pigs live a life of luxury with a selection of large fields and a woodland area that provides shelter and rooting opportunities galore. Known for their mischief, pigs are busy diggers and can be pretty destructive, which always gives their location away when they manage to escape their field – the garden has had a few run-ins with some busy snouts!!

Big fans of the large oak tree that makes up part of their wooded area, the Autumn months bring lots of falling acorns, which the pigs absolutely love to search for and eat. Happy pigs are ones which are able to root and rummage as nature intended, keeping them both physically and mentally active.

So, you can be certain that any produce from Llwynmadoc farm is of the highest-quality, free-range, woodland-reared ‘happy’ pigs and fantastic quality lamb too!

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