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Sausages & Bacon

Specials & Extras

Meat Boxes

Our Pork

Local Pork Belly & Chops

From £9.90/kg

Local Pork Loin, Leg of Pork & Shoulder

From £8.80/kg

Local Ham Joints

From £10.90/kg

Pork Cheeks

From £20.00/kg

Our Beef

Local Welsh Beef Brisket

From £10.90/kg

Local Welsh Beef Topside & Silverside

From £15.30/kg

Local Welsh Beef Stewing Steak

From £13.90/kg

Local Welsh Beef Rib-Eye Steak

From £29.50/kg

Local Welsh Beef Rump Steak

From £22.90/kg

Local Welsh Beef Sirloin Steak

From £29.50/kg

Local Welsh Beef Fillet Steak

From £35.90/kg

Local Welsh Beef Burgers

From £9.90/kg

Our Lamb

Local Welsh Leg of Lamb

From £15.30/kg

Local Welsh Shoulder of Lamb

From £10.90/kg

Local Welsh Boned & Rolled Shoulder of Lamb

From £15.30/kg

Local Welsh Lamb Shank

From £13.90/kg

Local Welsh Lamb Chops

From £13.90/kg

Local Welsh Minted Lamb Burgers (6oz)

From £12.90/kg

Our Mutton

Coming Soon…

From £0/kg

Our Venison

Coming Soon…

From £0/kg

Sausage & Bacon

Farmhouse Sausages 95% Pork (with no rusk)

From £11.90/kg

Traditional Standard Sausages (with rusk)

From £9.90/kg

Monthly Special Sausages (with rusk)

From £10.90/kg

Traditional Dry-Cured, Nitrate-Free Bacon – Classic

From £13.90/kg

Traditional Dry-Cured, Nitrate-Free Bacon – Sticky

From £13.90/kg

Local Sausage Meat

From £?/kg

Specials & Extras

Homemade Black Pudding – Traditional

From £10.90/kg

Homemade Black Pudding – Leek & Chilli

From £10.90/kg

Homemade Faggots

4 for £5 (8oz approx. each)

Homemade Sausage Rolls – Traditional

£2 Per Sausage Roll (approx. 6oz)

Homemade Sausage Rolls – Monthly Special

£2 Per Sausage Roll (approx. 6oz)

Homemade Pork Crackling Sheets

From £10.90/kg

Meat Boxes

Coming Soon…

From £0/kg

How To   Order

The Prized Pig operates out of our own professional private butchery in Abermule, Mid Wales. To place an order for any of our locally-sourced, high-welfare meats, simply follow the steps below.

1.  Explore Our Produce

Explore Our Range Of High-Welfare, Locally Sourced Meats & Products at Our Meats 

2.   Call or Email to Order

Get In Touch With Us by Calling or Sending Us A Message, Confirm Your Order & Choose Your Delivery/Collection Option

3.   Delivery Or  Collection

Next Day Courier Delivery Nationwide Or Local Delivery (Free On £50+ Orders)

Collection From Montgomery Market in the Town Hall Every Thursday

trace our meat

From Farm To Fork

Happy animals make for tastier meat, and at The Prized Pig, this is important to us. Lucky to be located in Mid Wales, we are surrounded by beautiful hills, greenery and forestry that is perfect for the high-welfare rearing of pigs, cows, sheep, deer and more.

Only partnering with trusted local farmers, we source the majority of our products within 15 miles of our location. Regularly visiting each farm to say hello and check on the welfare and the quality of life for all the animals.

Capable of tracing every single one of our steaks, chops and cuts back to the local farm where it was reared, learn more about our farmers and the care that goes into high-welfare rearing for The Prized Pig.

Llwynmadoc Farm, Abermule

Frequently  Asked   Questions

At The Prized Pig, we love talking about our business and what we do. So much so that we have already answered some frequently asked questions that we get.

This covers everything you need to know. From how and where we source our high-welfare local produce, our delivery and collection options, and the eco-friendly packaging we use to keep our produce fresh for longer.

If we haven’t answered your question below, then please feel free to Get In Touch with us at The Prized Pig, we would love to hear from you!

How to place an order with The Prized Pig?

There are several easy ways to place an order with us at The Prized Pig.

These include:

Call Us between Monday to Friday 9am-5pm or Saturday 9am-1pm.

Email Us at any time and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

Visit Us at Montgomery market on Thursdays at our weekly stand in the town hall.

Please note that leaving a message does not constitute an order being placed. Once we receive your message we will get in contact with you to confirm your order is placed and arrange the delivery or collection of your products. So please leave contact details, so we are able to call you back.

What delivery and collection options are offered by The Prized Pig?

We have three standard delivery and collection options available at The Prized Pig. Upon placing and confirming your order, we will discuss and confirm your delivery or collection method before payment.

Our delivery and collection options includes:

Nationwide Next Day Delivery – Provided by Diamond Logistics, if we have the products in stock, we can provide next-day delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Local Delivery – For properties located within 10 miles of our base in Abermule, we offer local delivery. This comes at a small additional fee or is free for orders above £50.

Collection From Montgomery Market – Every Thursday The Prized Pig has a fresh meat counter in Montgomery Town Hall. Pop by and collect your order from The Prized Pig at no additional charge.

Are all of The Prized Pig's local meats sourced from farms within 15 miles?

YES. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our produce is from, able to track every steak, chop and slice to the precise farm where the animal was reared. All of our local farmers are within a 15-mile radius of The Prized Pig headquarters in Abermule, Mid Wales.

In addition, we regularly visit our local farmers to check on their high-welfare rearing techniques and to ensure that all of the products we create come from healthy and happy animals. You can learn more about the farms, the farmers and their rearing techniques on the Our Farms page.

What does high-welfare rearing mean?

High-welfare rearing refers to the quality of life that an animal has during its rearing. A high-welfare environment for animals includes ensuring the needs of animals first. These include the basics such as access to clean water, fresh air, nutritious and appropriate feed and an environment that is stress-free. In addition, high-welfare rearing should provide the animals to exhibit natural behaviours like foraging, rooting, ranging and grooming.

At The Prized Pig, we only process high-welfare animals for our products, sourced from local farms within 15 miles of our base in Mid Wales. Trusted suppliers, we work closely with all of our farmers, regularly visiting to learn about their high-welfare rearing techniques and see for ourselves the happy animals in their natural environment.

Are The Prized Pig’s products packaged eco-friendly?

A core value of The Prized Pig is to ensure that all of our fresh meat is packaged in eco-friendly packaging to preserve its shelf life without impacting the environment. We only use 100% recyclable materials including:

Eco-Vacuum Pouches – These are 100% biodegradable, with the added benefit of being ocean-friendly which means that no materials used pose harm to aquatic life.

Wool Insulated Meat Bags – A unique combination of sheep’s wool and fully recyclable MDPE allows us to keep our meat fresh for longer.

Biodegradable Trays and Wraps – Manufactured from plant fibres all of The Prized Pig’s trays and wraps that hold the form and freshness of our meat are 100% compostable.

The Prized Pig

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